What It’s REALLY Like To Own A Mitsubishi

September 15th, 2020 by

Since 1989 McClinton Auto Group has been a part of the Mitsubishi Family. One thing that sets us apart is that we do not just sell Mitsubishi vehicles, we own them too. Today I want to share my journey with my Mitsubishi over the past two years.

In 2018 I was working for McClinton Mitsubishi part-time as a Marketing Consultant. I was very familiar with the Mitsubishi brand. After all, I was a teenager when The Fast and the Furious was released. Like most people my age, I wanted Paul Walker’s green Mitsubishi Eclipse. I have been in love with cars most of my life. In fact, one of my favorite activities is attending car shows. In March of 2018, I attended the Columbus Ohio Car Show with my friend Shawn. We stopped by the Mitsubishi booth. The Mitsubishi rep interviewed us for a video. I explained that I had recently taken a personality test that stated my ideal car was a Mitsubishi Outlander. To my surprise, Mitsubishi ended up using my segment for their YouTube channel. (It has since been removed.) Regardless, I was becoming a big fan of the Mitsubishi brand. You could say the diamonds were aligning.

In November of 2018, I was heading home from my full-time job. I was in a hurry to get home to change for an event that evening. When I was about a mile from my house, my car simply died on me. It was cold, sleeting, and I live in the middle of nowhere. It took the tow truck more than an hour to get to me. When the tow truck driver arrived, he was upset that I had called him out to tow my car. I was not sure if I was supposed to apologize for breaking down or not. He gave me a ride home. I paid $150 to ride a tow truck one mile to my house. This is like the ultimate surge pricing.

The next day I tried replacing the battery in my car. It did not help. Something was wrong with it that I could not fix. It was 13 years old, had 160,000 miles, and was starting to show its age. Luckily, my now boss Ginny Bowden sent me a text that day explaining that she could help me get a new car. They had a new Mitsubishi that she knew I would love. I came to the dealership within an hour of the text. I broke one cardinal rule of buying a new car; I did not drive the vehicle first. In fact, I did not even look at it. I just went in, applied for financing, and then waited for my new 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES to be delivered. The first time I saw the car, my name was already on the title.

It turns out the Outlander Sport I purchased is an Octane Blue Metallic version. It’s the base model ES with front-wheel drive. (To be fully transparent, I was not a full-time employee of the dealership at the time of purchase. This is my personal car. It’s not a demo, and the dealership for which I am employed is not making the payments for the car. It’s 100% my automobile.)

So, what is it like owning a Mitsubishi for nearly two years and almost 40,000 miles? It has been great! First, you might be thinking that the mileage reading is a typo. It is not. I have put nearly 40,000 miles on my Outlander Sport during the time I have owned it. I bought it new with 87 miles on it. Most of those miles were put on by me. Though we are in Parkersburg, WV, I like to travel. I have been taken my Sport to Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and multiple day trips to Ohio. I have had 0 issues with my Mitsubishi during that time. I have only changed my oil during the recommended intervals, I have rotated my tires, and I have changed my transmission fluid and air filter once. Full Disclosure: I changed my transmission fluid before it was recommended simply because I once owned a vehicle that had a transmission failure. I will also be getting new tires before long.

Many people ask if I like my car. No, I love it. I’m 6 foot 4 inches tall and I’m a plus-sized fella. I fit very well in this crossover. I have plenty of headroom and legroom. Road trips are no issue in my Outlander Sport and comfort is great. I also enjoy the cargo space. I take my Outlander Sport shopping and on road trips often. There’s plenty of room. Among my favorite features are the standard 18-inch rims. Though my Outlander Sport is an entry-level model, it has gorgeous wheels. Most competitive vehicles have steel wheels with hubcaps on the base models. The paint color is also worth mentioning. I receive compliments all the time on the paint color. The Octane Blue Metallic paint stands out in a crowd. Plus it looks good when I wash it. The only thing I did to modify my Outlander Sport change it’s identity. Last year I removed the Outlander Sport emblem from the back and added the Canadian Market RVR badge instead. I just had to be different.

Many people ask me if I would buy my car again. The answer is yes and no. I do love the Outlander Sport. If I were playing with house money, I would not buy the ES trim again with Front Wheel Drive. Instead, I would get an SE with All-Wheel-Control. I live in a rural area and the AWC would come in handy when we get snow. Plus, the SE has heated seats and Apple Car Play. Those are two features I really enjoy. Plus, mine is Octane Blue Metallic. I would rather have Pearl White.

People also want to know if I plan on keeping my Outlander Sport much longer. I do not. While there is nothing wrong with my car, I have seen what the new Outlander may look like, and I am a big fan! I will trade my Outlander Sport in on that within the next year.

Now that I’m the marketing director for McClinton Mitsubishi, things have come full circle. Last November I was able to unveil the new 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport at our local Mall, and in January of this year, I was asked to represent Mitsubishi at the West Virginia International Auto Show. I highly recommend a new or Certified Pre-Owned Mitsubishi to all my friends and family members. In fact, I made a special group for all of my fellow Mitsubishi owners called the Diamond Squad. They get special stickers.  I am also not alone in Mitsubishi ownership here. Many of my coworkers own and drive them too. We invite you to stop and try them for yourself.

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