McClinton Mitsubishi Special Reserve

What is McClinton Mitsubishi SPECIAL RESERVE?

McClinton Mitsubishi Special Reserve is a new and exciting way for our customers to view our upcoming Mitsubishi Vehicles that are in production. If a customer sees a vehicle on this list that they are interested in purchasing, they can place a deposit on this vehicle so that they may purchase it when it’s delivered to the dealership. Watch the video below for further details and then scroll through our upcoming inventory. Every Mitsubishi vehicle below is separated by model. Under each model, you will see the list of vehicles we have ordered. The list contains the trim level, the color, and the VIN number.

If you see something you like, click on Reserve Yours Now,” or give us a call: 304-422-6501.

This page is edited every two weeks. Last Edit: 07/07/2022

Vehicles Available For Reservation

2022OutlanderSES-AWCAlloy SilverJA4J4UA85NZ079411
2022OutlanderSES-AWCCosmic BlueJA4J4UA8XNZ079694
2022Outlander SEL Special Edition S-AWCLabrador Black Metallic JA4J4VA88NZ079327
2022Outlander SEL Special Edition S-AWCMercury Gray MetallicJA4J4VA85NZ078975

2023Eclipse CrossSELSAWCAlloy SilverJA4ATWAA0PZ001607
2023Eclipse CrossSES-AWCLabrador Black JA4ATWAA4PZ000802
2023Eclipse CrossSES-AWCAlloy SilverJA4ATWAA8PZ001337
2023Eclipse CrossLES-AWCLabrador BlackJA4ATVAAXPZ000815

2022Outlander SportESAWCAlloy SilverJA4ARUAUXNU015604
2022Outlander Sport LEAWCMercury GrayJA4ARUAU7NU015656
2022Outlander Sport SEAWCLabrador BlackJA4ARUAU4NU015310
2022Outlander SportSEAWCMercury GrayJA4ARUAU0NU015644

2022Mirage G4BEFWSWine Red ML32FUFJ2NHF08113

2022Mirage ESFWDMercury GrayML32AUHJ1NH007240
2022MirageESFWDSapphire BlueML32AUHJ5NH007290