Why 2021 is Mitsubishi’s Year

February 1st, 2021 by

Full disclosure: I’m a fan of Mitsubishi. You’re reading this on a Mitsubishi Dealer’s website, so your first thought was “of course he is. He gets paid to like Mitsubishi.” While it’s true that I  am compensated for my work as Marketing Director for McClinton Mitsubishi, I was a fan of the brand way before I started working here. In fact, I once took a personality test that said the best car for me was a Mitsubishi Outlander. I bought the Outlander Sport just to be difficult. Further, I appeared in a video on the Mitsubishi YouTube channel before my employment. Sadly, that video has since been removed, but I think I can say without hesitation that I would still identify as a fan of Mitsubishi even if I was not paid to market them. That is why you can trust me when I say that 2021 is the year of Mitsubishi.

Last year before the pandemic hit, I had the pleasure of representing Mitsubishi at the West Virginia International Auto Show. I’ve attended this show for years and was excited to look behind the curtain for the first time. Sadly, most of the people who approached me wanted to know when the Evo was coming back. While I would love to see new Evo’s on our lot, it’s not happening any time soon. I was unsuccessful in trying to get these individuals excited about the vehicles Mitsubishi sells now. However, in 2021, that will be a lot easier.

First, Forward Collision Mitigation is now standard on every new Mitsubishi. It will be on every vehicle from the most well-equipped PHEV down to the most affordable Mitsubishi Mirage. This is a wonderful safety feature and will help prevent a lot of accidents. Plus, it’s super easy to use. Making this equipment standard reinforces Mitsubishi’s dedication to producing safe and reliable vehicles.

I understand that safety equipment does not get most people excited. That’s ok. There are plenty of other changes coming in 2021. Let’s now look at individual vehicles and see how they will transform in this new model year.

First up is the 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. After going through a major update last year the Outlander Sport (RVR for my Canadian Friends) will see slight changes. The big news here pertains to trims. One of the most popular trims from 2020 is back for 2021. The Black Edition enters its sophomore year in the Outlander Sport Lineup. It will continue to offer black rims, unique graphics, and the Rockford Fosgate Sound System so many people love. The Black Edition was the subject of our most-watched YouTube video in 2020. The Black Edition slots near the top of the Outlander Sport lineup though. If you want black rims but want to save some money, the Limited Edition makes its triumphant return after a year off. The Limited Edition features those black rims so many people love, but does not have the graphics, red accents, or the Rockford Fosgate sound system of the Black Edition. The trim level I’m most excited for in 2021 is all-new to the Outlander Sport. It’s the new entry-level trim. The Outlander Sport S will now slot below the ES and feature 16-inch steel wheels and come in a limited number of colors. MSRP is $20,995. This version of the Outlander Sport is only available in front-wheel drive. While the Outlander Sport gets the fewest amount of changes for 2021, we know our customers will be excited. Mitsubishi simply made a good thing even better.

Did you know the Mirage and Mirage G4 got an update for 2021? Both vehicles have a refreshed front facia and new rear end styling too. LED taillights are now standard. The styling is more aggressive and matches the rest of the Mitsubishi lineup. The Mirage and the G4 also get a new trim, the Carbonite Edition. It slots below the SE and offers a unique grill, special decals, and beautiful alloy rims. Pro Tip: check out the Carbonite Edition Mirage in Sand Yellow Metallic to stand out from the crowd. That color is new for 2021 and it is available on every trim of the Mirage. Even though it’s a new year, the Mirage still gets up to 47 MPG on the highway. So, you can get to your destination without breaking the bank. Of course, peace of mind comes standard in the Mirage and the G4 as both come with a 10 Year/1,000,000 Mile Powertrain Warranty from McClinton Mitsubishi.

Now it’s time to move on to the big changes for 2021. Let’s start with the Eclipse Cross. The Eclipse Cross was introduced in 2018 and the styling was controversial, to say the least. Though some people didn’t like the back hatch, the Eclipse Cross found a following. Several of my friends own this vehicle, and they love the stylish crossover. However, the changes for 2021 are substantial. You might be surprised to learn that there will be no 2021 Eclipse Cross. Instead, it will be a 2022 model that is released early in 2021. Mitsubishi took a good thing and made it even better. Most of the changes pertain to the styling. The front end is updated. New headlights are the first design change you’ll notice. The crossover now has a stacked design featuring LED running lights, headlights, and fog lights. It looks both aggressive and sophisticated. The back is where you’ll notice the biggest difference. Gone is the split window design that caused so much controversy. The new hatch combines function with style. It features one single window as opposed to a split design like before. This new hatch construction will certainly help rear visibility. On a personal note, I like the placement of the rear wiper now. This will increase rear visibility during rainy weather.

Inside changes may seem subtle on the Eclipse Cross, but they make a big impact. You’ll now see a newer, more practical infotainment screen in this crossover. The 8-inch screen is bigger than before and everyone will be happy to see a physical volume knob on this vehicle. Mitsubishi Connect integration continues for the 2022 Eclipse Cross. The Eclipse Cross is also paving the way for a new connected feature. The Eclipse Cross will be the first vehicle to integrate a garage door opener into the infotainment screen. Mitsubishi will team up with Liftmaster to offer this convenient new feature. With Liftmaster’s myQ Connected Garage, you can now control your garage door easier than ever. The convenience goes mobile as myQ will be a part of Mitsubishi Connect on your Smartphone too.

Expect us to have a new Eclipse Cross by March.

Sadly, the biggest change is one I can’t tell you much about…yet. The Outlander is all-new for 2022! Coming later this quarter, the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander will be completely new from the ground up. Little is officially known about this new version of the crossover. I’ve only seen camouflaged versions of the Outlander so far. As of this writing, we are still two weeks away from the official reveal. What they have told us is that this Outlander will have an updated version of the Super-All Wheel Control system. This will make the vehicle will be more capable off-road and in inclement weather. The recently released teaser video shows the Outlander performing some wild maneuvers in mud, water, and snow. It will also be bigger than before. So, expect more passenger room. We’re also expecting a new powertrain and an updated interior with a high-tech infotainment screen. We expect to see all the details about the Outlander in just over two weeks.

With all of these new and updated products, we can’t wait to see what the year has to offer our customers. Be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels to learn about the latest launch events, live reveals, and more. We’ve been a proud part of the Mitsubishi family since 1989, and there hasn’t been this much buzz about the brand in a long time. Get excited and Drive Your Ambition.