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McClinton Mitsubishi stands out with an expert finance department that takes all of the stress and hassles out of the car-buying experience. We offer a tremendous lineup of new Mitsubishi models, and we also have an impressive inventory of used vehicles from other major manufacturers. Additionally, we have certified pre-owned vehicles that add warranty coverage and other benefits with each purchase.

Any one of these options can be yours, and you don’t have to worry about being bogged down with the auto finance process when you visit our Mitsubishi dealer. We work hard to streamline the new and used car finance process. We have a number of tools – both online and at our Mitsubishi dealer – to make getting an auto loan or a car lease possible without any headaches attached. Car leasing and auto loan financing do not have to be a challenge.

Auto Loan & Lease Options

When you work with our Mitsubishi finance department, we’ll do our best to give you optimal lease or loan terms, depending on which auto finance option you choose. Explore your new and used car finance options below to determine whether car leasing or auto loan financing is in your best interest.

Perks of Leasing

Why choose car leasing? If you prefer getting into a new Mitsubishi model every few years, a car lease will serve you well.  You can also enjoy lower monthly payments with a car lease, and your vehicle will be covered by warranty for the duration of the lease. If you just need a vehicle for your daily commute to work or school, a lease will likely be a good fit.

Benefits of Buying

If you want to be free from the restrictions of mileage limits and do not want to worry about wear and tear, a long-term car loan might be the perfect option for you. With auto loan financing, you also have the freedom of customization. You can tailor your vehicle to your exact specifications for driving in Parkersburg.


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Get Ahead of the Game

Before you make your way to our Parkersburg, WV, car dealership, we have a number of online tools to make your Mitsubishi finance experience as seamless as possible. For instance, you can apply for auto financing on our website with no hit to your credit score. Once you’re pre-approved, you can come into our Mitsubishi dealer to seal the deal.

One other tool that we have is our trade-in calculator. If your current vehicle no longer suits you, you can trade it in and put its value toward a vehicle from us that better fits your needs. With this tool, you can get an approximate value which will help you have all the knowledge you need to calculate the expenses of your upcoming purchase.

Use these online tools today, and when you’re ready, we’ll be waiting to put you behind the wheel of your next vehicle when you visit our Parkersburg, WV, car dealership.

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Whether you’re looking for an auto loan or a car lease, our Mitsubishi finance experts are here for you. Take the stress out of car buying when you get it done here at McClinton Mitsubishi. Schedule a test drive today. We’re your new and used car finance experts near Ripley and Marietta.

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